Selling a home is a complex procedure

Selling a home is a complex procedure

Step 1: Prior to listing your property for sale Select an agent sign an agency agreement with your agent. Arrange the searches, form 1′s and a contract for sale through your solicitor or conveyance.

Step 2: Listing your property for sale. The agent receives a copy of your searches, form 1′s and a contract for sale from your solicitor or conveyancer. The agent prepares marketing campaign & advertising materials. Prepare your home for buyer inspections.The agent conducts buyer inspections and provides you with feedback agent negotiates a sale price to your satisfaction.

Step 3: Accepting the offer

Offer is accepted by you and agent communicates this to the buyer

Contracts are signed by both parties and the form 1 is presented to the buyer.

The cooling-off period (2 business days) starts from the moment the buyer receives the form 1′s

Cooling-off period ends, buyer pays agreed deposit into agent’s trust account.

Any conditions of contact are met (such as a finance clause or a settlement clause) Once this occurs your home is SOLD!

Step 4: Settlement of your home

Settlement occurs on the nominated day.

Pack and organise your move.

Move to your new home by the settlement date.2