Crikey! In 55 days it will be Easter!

Crikey! In 55 days it will be Easter!

It seems like Christmas was just a minute ago! Hot cross buns and Easter eggs are already in the shops.

If you would like sell before Easter- realistically, you have 3 weeks to get ready.
The Easter Weekend (Good Friday) starts on the 25th of March this year. Many people go away for this period as this is the last longest holiday before Christmas. Therefore, Easter is NOT a good time to show your home.

The only time your home can be shown is on Saturday which is also the only time
people have to shop.

However, Easter is a great time to fix up your house for sale. Did you know this is one of the busiest times for hardware stores (Open throughout Easter except for Good Friday)?
In theory you have a clear 4 days to attend to any issues around the house or garden.
This is a great opportunity to get your home ready for them first open house.
So, if you want to sell before Winter and avoid the Spring competition get organised!
If you have no intention of selling start your countdown to your next holiday.


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